Thank You!

To all the sponsors, supporters, performers and audiences
for the inaugural

Fort Worth Fringe Fest

The performers who made this 1st Fort Worth Fringe Fest Amazing!

Ginny Mac

The Ginny Mac Explosion

Experience this eclectic combination of folk, jazz/blues and western swing with accordion, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and kazoo, all fronted by Fort Worth sensation Ginny Mac! We seek to combine performance mediums and provide an escape for the audience as we transform them to another place and time. It is a highly interactive show with some audience participation as well. An Explosion indeed!
Friday, March 18th 7:30 pm
in the Scott Theatre
It's a Boy - Dark Circles

Dark Circles
Contemporary Dance

Four critically acclaimed works by Joshua Peugh: the company’s signature work Slump, the magical It’s a Boy!, the quirky duet Critics of the Morning Song, and the beautifully meditative White Day.
Saturday, March 19th 7:30 pm
in the Scott Theatre

Photos by Sharen Bradford courtesy of
Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

Ginny Mac

Girls Gone Weird

Girls Gone Weird's unique mix of sketch, song and improv creates a comedic cocktail that’s sure to please. Irreverent and intelligent, quirky and chaotic, the show contains an abundance of music, characters and current topical humor.
Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19 7:30 pm
in the Sanders Theatre
Ginny Mac

Chekhov's The Darling

The story follows the life and mind of Olenka as she fantasizes, dreams and adores the people around her. Her quest for love and meaning is a universal one. The audience must decided if the grail brings with it pity, ridicule or admiration. Featuring celebrated actress & teacher Lisa Dalton.
Friday & Saturday, March 18th & 19th
2:00 pm in the Sanders Theatre

Sandy Thompson - WWII Woman Pilot

A World War II WASP - Women Air Service Pilot - Sandy was the first American woman to fly a bomber. A one woman monologue by Patricia Barry Rumble, performed by Sherri Small Ansley, from VOICES OF AMERICA 
Saturday, March 19th - 3:30 pm
Show Block in the Scott Theatre

Photos courtesy of the WASP Archives, The TWU Libraries’ Women’s Collection, Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas.

Girls Gone Weird
Girls Gone Weird

The Open Couple

From the Denisov Antrepriza Company of Houston: An Italian Farce, performed in Russian, explores a married couple who have decided to try having an "open relationship." A whirlwind of differing ideas about sex, politics, love and marriage keep this couple and the audience on their toes.
Saturday, March 19, 3:30 pm
Show Block in the Scott Theatre
Ginny Mac

Debate Team

Debate Team is a darkly comedic, new musical in one act by Brooklyn composer Toby Singer. Like a cross between The Book of Mormon and Moliere’s Candide, peering through the lens of modern day Silicon Valley, Debate Team examines when cell phone technology, ego, and a blindly utopic vision of the future converge, with apocalyptic results. 
Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19 - 2:00 pm
Show Block in the Scott Theatre

Every Voice Matters Premier

Three vibrant spoken word performers give a sneak preview of what's to come in April, National Poetry Month, when Tarrant County's top youth poets take the stage to compete in the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation's 11th Annual Voice2Youth Poetry Slam.
Friday, March 18th - 3:30 pm
Show Block in the Sanders Theatre
Girls Gone Weird
Girls Gone Weird

American Classical Ballet Academy: Kaleidoscope

American Classical Ballet Academy is a private school for dancers grades 3 - 12. Our program, Kaleidoscope, showcases our unique diversity and style. The works included are "Money," a Broadway jazz piece "Seriography," "Renegades," a contemporary piece, "Acquiesce," "Here Comes the Sun," and more. 
Saturday, March 19, 5:15 pm
Show Block in the Scott Theatre
Ginny Mac

Fun House Theatre & Film: Theatre of Politics

There is a whole lot that can be said about the televised debates of Election 2016 but the consensus statement seems to be, you can’t script anything like them. Fun House Theatre and Film asks, what if you could? 5 young actors will take the audience on a journey of styles and genres with a look at the most infamous moments and exchanges.
Friday, March 18th 5:15 pm
in the Scott Theatre
It's a Boy - Dark Circles

Magician Grant Price: MENTAL

Walk into MENTAL prepared for a world of mind-numbing feats. Grant approaches the stage armed with nothing but his mind and a notepad- even so, you will be in suspense until the curtains close. Grant will read your thoughts, predict the future, and cause your senses to be in disarray.
Friday, March 18 @ 3:30 pm
& Saturday, March 19 @ 5:15 pm
in the Scott Theatre
Ginny Mac

Daniella the Dinosaur has Dinomania

Daniella loves to perform. She also loves to dance but NEVER in front of anyone. Auditions are around the corner for Dinomania, the Musical. Will Daniella's fear of dancing in front of others make her sit this one out or will she overcome her fears and give it all she's got -- dancing and all? Author Jenna Caroline Maddix will read from her children's book.
Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19
3:30 pm in the Scott Theatre
Ginny Mac

Pearl's Review 

The year is 1923. The Santa Rita well has hit the pay and Miss Pearl's Parlor is open for business. Fun, entertaining and touching, Cynthia will showcase PEARL with music and dialogue from the musical, PEARL. The music is a combination of saloon, vaudeville, boogie and burlesque much in the style of the 20s. This work is best described as BEST LITTLE WHORE HOUSE meets CHICAGO meets ROMEO AND JULIET. 
Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19 5:30 pm in the Sanders Theatre
It's a Boy - Dark Circles

SceneShop: Every November

Amy and Nathan met in third grade carpool,and have been friends ever since. Their story is one of losses and gains, and the unavoidable reminders that Life does not wait for you to get ready. Co-written by Steve Alan McGaw and Michael Carver Simmons, and starring Kelly Stewart and Michael Carver Simmons.

Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19 3:30 pm in the Sanders Theatre
Ginny Mac

Bastrop Opera House: Camberwell House

Camberwell House is  a place. In the apartments there live Annie, Olive, Mr. Wu and Mr. Avery. Be careful the plans you make - they may not come to pass - or they just might. Starring Lisa Holcomb, directed by Chester Eitze.

Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19
3:30 pm in the Sanders Theatre
Ginny Mac

Baytown Little Theater: Kindred Spirit

Sabrina has had her heart broken. Only days ago her fiancee called off their engagement, and for the last two days in her state of depression has drunk excessively and is contemplating suicide. As she, in despair looks into her antique mirror she is visited by an unexpected guest from the other side who has experienced a similar experience.
Saturday, March 19
3:30 pm in the Sanders Theatre

Thanks to our special entertainers

Singing sensation Sheran Keyton who sang for the opening session on Friday afternoon, and Winston Daniels, Preston Isham, Trevin Roming of Boerne Community Theatrem on the piano who performed at the Awards Dessert Reception in the Lobby of Casa Mañana Theatre on Saturday evening.
Sheran Keyton
Winston Daniels
Preston Isham

And many thanks to those who served on the workshop panels 

Sharon Benge, workshop moderator

Issues Panel

DeAnna Hargrove
Ken Roberts
Chester Eitze
David J. Smith
Mark Dyer

Diversity Panel

Derek Mudd
DayRon J. Miles
Jesus Pantel
Roberta Elliott

Directors Panel

Michael Serrecchia
Bill Ray
Rob Bosquez
Dana Schultes

How to Create a College Audition Clinic

Tracy Alexander

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