Quad I Festival 2017


The final Quad Festival of the Texas AACTFest 2017 Cycle included Lubbock Community Theatre’s production of Ubu Roy: An American Tale by Jared Strange & Company with Janie Curl, Alec Gallardo, Charlie Schweiterman, Sara Skar, Allison Tindall and Tyler York; CATS Playhouse‘s  (Lubbock) production of Barrymore’s Ghost by Jason Miller with Pat Price: Ritz Community Theater’s (Snyder) production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare with Annie Robertson, Craig Robertson, Taylor McClung, Ashley McClung, Caleb Lowery and Glenn Burns; and Odessa College Theatre Performance Program’s production of Elephant’s Graveyard by George Brant with Billy Baker, Daniel Ramirez, Blake Rogers, Marco Molina, Andrew Williams, Breanna Carrasco, Jackelyn Bracamontes, Eden Butler, Joseph Ward, Savannah Poor, Alejandra Quezada, Emilio Gonzales, Alyssa Priest, Lauren Kasinger, Brianna Valles and Brayden Grant.


At the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) Firehouse Theatre in Lubbock, February 11, 2017