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2018 TNT Recognition Awards

Awards presented at the Awards Ceremony, Saturday, March 17th, 2018 at Art Park Players in Deer Park, Texas.

Ovation Award

Frances Seidensticker Dodds

"I would like to nominate Frances Seidensticker Dodds for the Ovation award. I should give her an award for all the wonderful things that she has done for me. She gave me my first topless role on stage (it thankfully has been my only topless role) when I was just 15 and played a Native American in The Legend of the Texas Easter Rabbit. Then she became the director of the Corsicana Children’s Theatre at the WLAC. She first started out as my director, then acting partner for Children of a Lesser God, then a great friend and mentor. I love picking her brain on something, someone, or a project we are working on together.

Here are just a few of the projects, jobs, and ways she has touched the lives of so many across the state of Texas:

Summer Director for Big Bend Players Children’s Camp, Alpine TX. C.A.T.S; summer program in Ft. Worth Children’s playwright in residence as well as Director at Casa Manana; Had a troupe perform in the very first Texas Youth Festival and has taught at it for many years; Longtime Director of the Corsican Children’s Theatre Director of Summer in the Park, Corsicana

Frances has, for decades, given her heart to the theatrical programming for Children across Texas. Many of those she worked with have gone on to wonderful occupations from Theatre to Law to Medical all proving that when influenced by a wonderful Director in the world of theatre, magic can happen! I know because she is my director and she is my friend. Plus she is a brilliant mother, teacher and maker of tea, soup, coffee and other food items. Hence the reason I don’t do topless roles now." - David Hill, Executive Director, Henderson County Performing Arts Center

Spotlight Award

Christine Crowley

Christine Crowley joined Boerne Community Theatre 15 years ago when she played a nasty nun in their 2003 production of Incorruptible. Since then, she has directed and/or appeared in many productions, served as President of the Governing Board, worked on many gala committees, written a couple of grants, painted the bathroom in their 2007 renovation of their current space, and was recently hired as the new Executive Director in September 2017. Her husband thinks she really lives at the theatre and only comes home to take a shower and do the laundry.

Dynamite Award

Fort Worth Community Arts Center

The Texas Nonprofit Theatre’s Inc. Dynamite Award is reserved for an individual, company or organization whose contributions or support of TNT and our Mission defies categorization. It can mean a lengthy period of time, or a special and unique service, but, in this case, it means a home. We have had our main office at Fort Worth Community Arts Center since 1985 - along with many other performing groups and service organizations supporting the arts – locally, state-wide, and nationally.

The Scott Theatre – housed in the FWCAC - served as the base of operations for the Texas AACTFest from 1987 to 2011, not to mention several other conferences and events in support of TNT. In 2016 TNT launched the Fort Worth FringeFest and in 2017 the Fort Worth Community Arts Center collaborated with TNT as a FringeFest Co-Producer. The Fort Worth FringeFest is a singular weekend featuring performances of dance, poetry, music, and theatre nestled among museum exhibits.

A program of the Arts Council of Fort Worth, The Arts Center is here to support artists, celebrate artistic expression and engage the community. The strikingly modern Herbert Bayer building opened to the public in 1954 as home to one of the most prestigious and oldest collecting organizations in the state of Texas, the Modern Museum of Fort Worth. When, in 2002, the Modern moved down the street, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center opened. The building has exhibited world class art and supported the performing arts for more than half a century. It is with great pleasure and pride that TNT recognizes the contributions of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in not only providing us an office space, but in investing in our programs, our outreach to the theatrical community and patrons, but to also supporting the diverse, surprising, and incredibly talented artists of Texas.

Corporate Arts Award

Aqua Solutions: Owners Tom & George Anne Bedford, Georgette Ford

The Bedford’s are never asked to do anything – they just come up and take charge. This investment began in 1980 when the Players first began their theatre company in a small room. George Anne – one of the owners of Aqua Solutions - marched on City Hall to have a theatre building built in Deer Park for our company and by 1987, she saw her 7 years of hard work which included many phone calls, fundraising efforts, public speeches, group tours of other theatres and pretty much talking to anyone that would listen to her – come to fruition with the building of the Art Park Players home – the Municipal Court and Theatre building which is a 3.7 million dollar facility. The Bedford’s keep track of what is going on at the theatre and are always there with their monetary support which is tens of thousands of dollars, but more importantly, their time and talents. The Bedford’s are so proud of their community theatre and tell everyone about it. George Anne will bring 40 of her sorority sisters to many of the events, pay for the tickets and then turn around and donate a majority of the items. They also pay for students that cannot afford to attend classes, sponsor many of the fundraising efforts and provide catering for many events such as the JAPPADEMY Awards dinner for Jr. Art Park Players annual awards ceremony and The Ritz which is the scholarship/internship fundraiser in which approximately $10,000 is granted to deserving seniors. The Bedford’s are invested and truly believe that this is a wonderful program that allows children to become strong with self esteem, value and a strong sense of worth.

Front of House Award

Stacey Harris

"Front of House Committee at the Bastrop Opera House has developed an amazing team of volunteers.  We work hard to ensure the front of house runs smoothly and our patrons have a wonderful evening.  Working with this team has been very rewarding.  I look forward to every step, from getting the volunteer sign up list sent out, flyers hung up around town, to show night, and every detail in-between.  Thank you for this recognition, I am truly honored." - Stacey Harris   

Backstage Award

Rose Nichol

"It truly is an honor to have been chosen for the Backstage Award by the Awards Committee of the Texas Nonprofit Theatres.  Being recognized for my years of volunteering for the Art Park Players in Deer Park came as a pleasant surprise.  I really am a backstage, behind-the-scenes kind of volunteer.  

Our children became a part of the Junior Art Park Players in 1983.  A group of parents began volunteering to support the theatre wherever we were needed.  My children graduated from the  program, however my husband and I did not. We had become so impressed by the impact this theatre program was having on the young students going through the program, that we wanted to continue volunteering for the junior theatre program as well as for the adult Art Park Players.  Having been a part of this inclusive and supportive theatre family of volunteers for 35 years.  I can say with certainty that I have found by niche, my family, my home…….The Art Park Players.  Working backstage as the “props person” is where I feel I fit in best and enjoy the most.

This theatre is very fortunate to be part of the City of Deer Park Parks and Recreation Department.  We are thankful for the support we receive from this department and the City of Deer Park.

On behalf of my family and my Art Park Players family, I thank the Texas Nonprofit Theaters for choosing me for the Backstage Award." - Rose Nichol

Gary McDonald

"I was introduced to Henderson County Performing Arts Center in 2006 when I was cast as Flint in 'Something's Afoot' the musical. Shortly after, I found myself volunteering at HCPAC offering what construction skills i have to help build the set for 'The Foreigner.' Dennis Gilmore approached me with the position of Technical Director. Such a challenging job for a perfectionist like me.

"Nothing has to be perfect,  just make it work."
Yes it has to be perfect or I'm not happy.

Over the years I've enjoyed creating numerous sets from bare minimum stage readings to an elaborate Italian Villa for 'Enchanted April.'

I am so very grateful to all involved for presenting me with the Backstage Award. Thank you and thank you for supporting the Arts." - Gary McDonald

Gary & Saundra Smith

"There is much talk about how actors have a magic moment that is the source which keeps bringing them back to the stage. Well, those of us in Tech also have those magic moments. Mine was in 1968 with the first show I worked, “Life With Father”, when director Pat Ruyle taught me about “theater magic” as slivered sautéed bananas became kippers (small fish). Creating the flaming drink in “Auntie Mame”, coming up with the quick scene change of coconut drinks in “Guys and Dolls”, figuring how raw eggs could be scrambled in less than a minute in “Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes” and more keeps me loving props because that’s where I find “the magic”, and gain artistic gratification. “Love Letters” was a total props show, and every note, letter, card, etc. was written or typed to be read on stage.

It’s been great to have been around for so long we can look back and truly appreciate all the hard work that has gone on since BLT began.

The little directing I’ve done has brought its own rewards. I have been fortunate that talented friends on crews and on stage have made my other plays burst forth and become more than I ever imagined. What they gave me for “Rebecca” went farther than my wildest dreams. I am greatly blessed that I have presented my visions, and wonderful BLT members have consistently made them happen both as crew and actors.

BLT has fit our lives for 49 years – as dating teens; as new parents and our infants was welcomed at the theater; a place where parents could work side-by- side with their kids; and eventually a place where we could even work creatively with our grandkids. Even as someone having physical limitations now, I still find satisfaction that I can create, have fun, and be productive. I can’t imagine our lives without BLT.

I have been fortunate to work with some truly legendary performers here at BLT, but this Cast has come together wonderfully, professionally, and in a way that has made it a true joy to work with them. Considering some of the footsteps they followed in for this show, that is a lot to say. I have to give a nod to my first Eleanor, and say that I know she is looking down, smiling, applauding, and definitely giving her blessings.

Please know that regardless of your age, talents, or abilities BLT has a place for you where you will be appreciated, will gather wonderful memories, and make terrific friendships." - Saundra Smith

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