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Host Theatres for 2017 Multicultural Initiatives

Summer Theatre Paid Internship

The purpose of this project is to address the needs of theatres for qualified assistance, and the need of students for information about theatre careers and job opportunities in the field Theatre Host Application Forms.

TNT is seeking host theatres for this program. Would you be interested in applying?

TNT needs two to four Texas theatres, ideally both community theatres and professional theatres. Each theatre would receive an intern for a five week period, either May-June or June-Aug, during which the intern should be involved in every aspect of your theatre, from attending board meetings to designing sets. TNT pays $1,250 directly to the intern during his or her stay with your theatre, as well as the matching FICA. The intern must provide his/her own transportation and food.

To be considered for an intern, a theatre must:

1) Be a Patron level member ($100) of Texas Nonprofit Theatres for the year in which the internship takes place. Membership for that placement year must be received by the time of application. TNT's membership year runs January 1 through December 31.

2) Fill out an application and return it to TNT, postmarked by January 24, 2017. See links to Application Forms above.

3) Provide a preliminary job description for the intern, which must include artistic, administrative and technical activities. Please fill out every part of the form - do not leave any blanks, with the exception of the Comments box. That box is optional. Even though you may put emphasis in one area, as indicated in the primary activities line, there should be activities listed in all areas. Also, make sure you fill out the box detailing the Theatre Activities scheduled during the session you have requested, even if it seems to repeat what you have put in the job description. Include dates.

4) Provide housing for a little over 5 weeks for the intern. Housing may be in someone's home, an apartment, or a dorm. The intern should not be expected to provide any services to the homeowner in exchange for this housing, as housing is the theatre's contribution to the program.

5) Be present at the intern interviews which are held on March 18, 2016 in Fort Worth, TX during the TNT Annual Conference. (We strongly encourage you to register for the full Conference.)

6) Provide daily guidance by top level staff members: Executive Director, Technical Director, Managing Director, etc.

7) Agree to put acknowledgement of this program in all brochures, programs and press releases during the intern's stay, and state that this project is funded in part by Texas Nonprofit Theatres, the NEA and Texas Commission on the Arts.

8) Keep records of in kind value or money spent for housing (needed for TCA grant evaluation) and for mentoring hours. This should be sent to TNT upon completion of the internship.

9) Fill out an evaluation about the intern's stay at your theatre (forms provided by TNT).

10) Take pictures of the intern at work in your theatre and send them to TNT.

TNT has been implementing this summer theatre internship for the past twenty-one years. Mentor evaluations indicated that they found it to be a very valuable program, and they would do it again. One note of caution - you must be prepared to provide consistent, hands on mentoring since this is a major component of the program, and of particular importance to funders.

Choice of theatre hosts will be announced in February, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact the TNT office at (817) 731-2238 or email us at

Edited July 2017

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