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Welcome to the TNT Script Lending Library

With over 3300 scripts to choose from, the TNT Script Lending Library is a TNT member's one-stop shop for borrowing scripts. TNT will pay for the outgoing postage, so the cost to you, after membership, is just the return postage.

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Individual members may borrow up to 3 scripts at a time. Organizational members may borrow up to 10 scripts at a time. Additional scripts will not be sent out until the previous scripts are returned. All borrowed scripts may be kept for 3 weeks, after which they must be returned. You may recheck scripts if no one else has requested the scripts by notifying us at

If a script is lost, you must either pay TNT for a replacement copy or purchase a replacement yourself and send it to us.
TNT Script Library scripts are not available for shipping outside the fifty states of the USA.
TNT Script Library Scripts are actual scripts. We are restricted by licensing agreements from sending electronic copies of the scripts.
Scripts are for perusal purposes only and must NOT be copied.

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